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    Back from a 3 days fishing trip in the great County of Leitrim, having booked in advance we headed knowing the weather was going to be challenging ….
    Place of stay was at Drumcoura Lake Resort & Equestrian Centre, a place I well recommend if you are heading with a bunch of friends, it is literally in the heart of a well known Coarse fishing area.

    IMG_1967  Chalet_HDR
    Over the course of 3 days we visited river, lake and canal. The canal proving the best of venue with the weather more than challenging: strong gust and rain on both Saturday and Sunday and water temperature not at their seasonal levels! Add to this the roach/bream spawning time looming and it made for a difficult weekend fishing. One solution which worked every time it was tried was to cast in a deadbait to tempt a passing Pike and so a few were caught, albeit on the low end of the scale (including 3 tiny Pike on the centre-pin on maggots!).

    As said the canal in Ballinamore was to be the venue overall with Hybrids and Bream finally responding on the Sunday around mid day, this despite a fairly strong flow and coloured water due to heavy rain on Saturday overnight. I managed only 4 fish that day but again considering the conditions it kept me happy!

    Mike managed 10lbs of mixed Hybrids/Bream, we all were using a similar feeder method, casting heavy feeder on the opposite bank regularly with either a few maggots or worm. A pre-baiting session at Garadice’s produce zero bites on Saturday morning and a visit to a lesser known tench lake was also met with little action! Some pics of the better weather on Sunday around lunchtime at Ballinamore Marina:

    IMG_1937  IMG_1938
    Monday morning before departure was a second trip to a river nearby where the fishing was looking promising on Friday evening but once again the conditions were against us with a very strong flow and colour in the water making trotting hard work!

    WP_20150501_17_56_23_Pro  MOVI0864

      Finally here is a little video timelapse of the trip :)

    UnderWater Ireland compilation

    From Victor once again, a 15mn compilation of some footage taken from 2009 to 2014 in Ireland

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    Roach & Bream

    Two recent sessions with Mike in the Shercock area, on the 4th August a visit to Namacree for some roach fishing, single feeder rod, it produced good fishing and I ended with a 5.5Lbs bag of roach of various sizes. Few pictures:

    IMG_9892 IMG_9895
    IMG_9906 IMG_9909

    On the 9th we headed once again for Shercock and this time we picked a lake which could produce Bream. Fishing was very good with again a single feeder rod and any bait produced good size roach and a few Bream. The weather was good at first but got extremely heavy with rain, thunder & lightning at times. Finished with 10.5Lbs. Few pictures:

    Panorama_HDR_Derrygoony_fb Storm_Derrygooney_fb
    IMG_0156 IMG_0149