UnderWater Ireland compilation

From Victor once again, a 15mn compilation of some footage taken from 2009 to 2014 in Ireland

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Roach & Bream

Two recent sessions with Mike in the Shercock area, on the 4th August a visit to Namacree for some roach fishing, single feeder rod, it produced good fishing and I ended with a 5.5Lbs bag of roach of various sizes. Few pictures:

IMG_9892 IMG_9895
IMG_9906 IMG_9909

On the 9th we headed once again for Shercock and this time we picked a lake which could produce Bream. Fishing was very good with again a single feeder rod and any bait produced good size roach and a few Bream. The weather was good at first but got extremely heavy with rain, thunder & lightning at times. Finished with 10.5Lbs. Few pictures:

Panorama_HDR_Derrygoony_fb Storm_Derrygooney_fb
IMG_0156 IMG_0149

Tinca Time!

Another great tench session with Mike from 7am to 1pm, over 50Lbs between us, great sunshine too!

Both fished one centerpin rod, Mike using pellets, me on 10mm Berkley boilies ; We missed a lot of fish with hook pulls as the lilies and weed was thick.

Few photos;

my swim, Mike fish:

Lake_Panorama_290614   IMG_9546

15 tench for me, best ever in one session!

IMG_9552   15_tench_290614